The Number One Cause of All Health Problems

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Dr. Chris Collins

Any guesses?

Is it a germ? No.

Is it a gene? No.

Is it stress? No. 

The number one cause of all health problems is the inability to adapt.

When we cannot adapt to our changing internal and external environment, we become susceptible to all kinds of health problems. 

The body and the health of the body is controlled by the nervous system. When the nervous system is functioning properly, it’s constantly adapting, but what we find is that it’s not always functioning properly. Sometimes it’s under stress. So much stress that it starts adapting very poorly. When this continues to happen for a long period of time people develop chronic issues due to their lack of adaptibility. So what do we do about it? 

Here’s 5 tips to help you improve your adaptability.

Clear your mind of stress. This is challenging and can take some accountability. There are tools out there like the Headspace app, or daily mindfulness practice that can help you train your mind to be more at ease.

Exercise. Exercising has been shown to really give your brain and body a boost. Make sure not to overdo it! The trick is having a moderate level overtime. You will really notice a difference in the way you feel and function!

Rest. Our bodies recover the most when we sleep. It’s also time for our mind to process a days worth of work and activity! Resting is so important. IF you cannot get enough rest at night, try taking some moments of relaxation and rest in your day. Even 15 minutes will make a difference! 

Mindful Eating. There are so many different ins and outs to diet and eating! It can get overwhelming. The best way to approach what you eat is with mindfulness. Try making smaller, healthier choices when you can, and accumulate more over time. The correct fuel will mean the correct building blocks for your body to maintain a high level of function!

Check your Nervous System. Do what? How do you do that? Get a thermographic scan of your spine or do a heart rate variability test. Both will show you if your body is under stress and give you an idea of how your nervous system is functioning. Many chiropractors use Thermography and can help you check and improve the function of your nervous system!

Your health is SO important, and what better thing to invest time and energy into than your health? If you are having trouble holding yourself accountable, find someone to work with. Whether it be a health coach, a doctor, or a friend — make it a priority.

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